Monday, July 4, 2016

Stars without stripes (Day 3 Pinterest Challenge)

   Ok, so I am almost caught up!  I have all the projects done it's just a matter of writing up the posts.

  In keeping with the red, white and blue theme for Independence Day I made this project of stars.  This project could partially be done by kids but I did this one by myself.

    First off everyone has a box of crayons like this right?

Well, you will still have your box when your done.  I only used 2 crayons.  1 red and 1 blue and it made 11 stars!  Depending on where your going to use them and how many you need will determine how many more crayons you will need.

  Peel the wrapper off and shred the crayon.

  Place it in wax paper sealed around all the ends and cover with parchment paper.  Iron the crayon filled papers.

Draw your desired shape and cut them out.

I punched holes in mine and tied string to them.

The stars can be hung anywhere and made in any color.  Make some for a birthday or special occasion.  I hung mine up in between two rooms.

I love how these turned out.  They look really cute.  I can almost see a different shape seasonally.  Dangling down a mantel, as fringe or a banner.

Older kids could probably help with this craft if not using the iron they could cut the shapes.

  Can you see yourself making these in your future?  I would say this is a #pinterestwin!

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