Sunday, July 31, 2016

Let's Recycle with Pinterest

  Again in case you have never checked out Pinterest I will help you get acquainted with them.  They are a platform above any and all you have ever met.  It is a clearinghouse of everything.  If you want to make a cake, make your own play dough or make a dinosaur out of toilet paper rolls.  You will find several variations and several skill levels all available at your fingertips.

  Since I receive products I have a fair share of boxes, bubble wrap and tissue paper passing through so why not use some of that?  Today's lucky recycle job pertains to bubble wrap.  Did you know if you get enough bubble wrap in a week even kids stop playing with it.

I actually used a small piece of bubble wrap but if you have a larger piece your in charge of how many pieces or the size of your end result.
Shower cap
You also need construction paper
White paint

 The jellyfish!
  The jellyfish was so fun to see after we were done.  Grab a shower cap that you took from the complimentary bowl at the last hotel you stayed at! I know I'm not the only one to help myself. This makes this craft kind of free.  Cut strips from your bubble wrap.  How many tentacles is your call.  Glue them on around the bottom of the cap.  We hung ours in the door way but, with some fishing line and a few more jellyfish cut at multiple heights dangling down from your ceiling would make a pretty neat scene for an underwater party.

Mary had a little lamb!  My 3 year old made this craft.  I cut out the bubble wrap into the sheep shape and he did the rest.  He painted it white.  He glued the eyes and head on and then added the eyes.  This would be a great craft to accompany a certain nursery song or story pertaining to sheep!  Paint the sheep any color to accommodate your theme. (Baa Baa black sheep)

  There you go two ideas I pulled off Pinterest that I declare a #pinterestwin.   Minimal artistic talent necessary, accessible supplies and easy to make even if your trying to fill a short period of time.

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