Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Diet Trend (review)

  Trying out the trend of meal replacement.  I work out somewhat regularly but never add the additional supplements, proteins or vitamins to my daily routine.  However due to a clearance at our local box store I am trying them out.

  I picked up 3 flavors: strawberry, chocolate and vanilla.  Each box is for a 14 day supply.  The strawberry and vanilla drinks provide 16 grams of protein and are 130 calories, chocolate drink is 17 grams of protein and 130 calories.  All of them do have 3 grams of sugar and a fiber content of 3- 4 grams.  All drinks do contain milk.

  Your option is to either blend the mix with milk or water and ice.  For my first drink I choose water to blend with the chocolate.  Might as well try with the basics and fluff it up with milk next!

  Day 1 done.  I choose to drink it in place of dinner.  The directions state to add 8-12 oz of liquid.  After its blended it makes about 4 cups.  The mixture is a thick consistency like a milkshake.  The first cup was pretty hard to chug down.  I didn't like the smell and it doesn't exactly taste good.  It does have a hint of chocolate flavor and of course is the right color but it is not a glass of chocolate milk.

  The second glass seemed to be easier to drink and even tasted good mid way through surprisingly.  I did feel full.  I have had some small releases of gas via burps which I know is from the drink but nothing to uncomfortable or annoying.

  Well day 1 is done I am interested to see what the results will be after a few weeks.  I will continue to work out, eat healthy and just replace one meal.  The had part will be which meal.  I keep thinking ahead of what meal I could lose out on.  Breakfast could mean anything from a bowl of cereal, waffles or muffins.  Lunch and dinner could be anything and then a dessert could be involved in one of those as well as interrupted snacks.  This will be an interesting journey.

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