Friday, August 5, 2016

Kiwi Art (pinterest challenge)

  The kiwi otherwise known as the hairy fruit in my house was the star of the show today.  Still on my pinterest kick even if I'm not posting daily.  Searching for ideas is just as fun as creating.

  Today we are playing with food. I am always so fascinated with food art.  I haven't created much I usually prefer to just eat it my food but today I had some fun and played with my food.

First up was a mouse.

 He was really easy to make and although I didn't slice him in half nor add a tail he's kind of cute.  

All you need is a kiwi, a knife and some eyes (I used mini chocolate chips).  Slice out some ears and round them slightly, turn them around and stick them into some sits on the top of its head.  Add eyes be it seeds, chocolate chips or sprinkles.  That's it.

Next up was a snake or two!  This food idea was partly why I choose not to slice my mouse in half. 

 For this you just need to peel the skin off your kiwi and slice it so you have circles.  Cut your circles in half and alternate the half moon shapes.  Make a head (I used the end of the kiwi as it was rounded and one color) add a mouth and eye.  These eyes were seeds from a watermelon but again you can use anything on hand.

There you go folks.  Two kiwi options for your next fabulous food display.  You can find the full instructions on my pinterest challenge board.

I declare this a pinterest win!

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