Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Puff or Pete (kids craft)

   Inspired to create a dragon after our recent viewing of Pete's Dragon.  I scoured the land of Pinterest.  This project took a few basic supplies that I had all on hand and it was very easy for the kids (3 and 5) to assemble for the most part by themselves.

Nothing better than recycling a toliet paper roll fo a project. Some green construction paper, pop poms of 2 different sizes, googly eyes and some glue.  I had both types to see what would work best and found the liquid stuff worked better.


  Tissue paper of different colors for some flare!  I cut them in different styles and think it looked a little neater.

  I love being able to show them or give them directions and step back and let them do their own projects.  The glue wasn't cooperative but they were able to make the projects with my instructions and identify it as it progressed along.

  The kids knew it was a dragon although he was originally called an alligator.  I then probed to find out what green dragon it could be.  The kids immediately declared him Pete's dragon: Elliot!

  They were pleased with their project and thought it was extra special when they blew in one side the fire moved!

  You'll be able to find this project on my pinterest challenge board.

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