Sunday, August 28, 2016

Bike Gloves (review)

  Since my stress fracture of 6+months has healed I have been very active this year.  Partly to make up for lost time and the other part is because I like exercise.  I have enjoyed running and cycling around my neighborhood.  Choosing a different path or beating speeds or distance on various days is a fun challenge.

  I just finished testing out some new gloves on my latest bike ride.  The gloves made it fun first off because of the available colors and the beautiful image on the top.

  The gloves are made of a breathable material and visible pores to help with sweating.  Padding on the underside to help with grip and loops to aid in glove removal.  I selected medium size and the fit is as expected.

  Stitching was quality and I was pleased with the overall gloves.  I received these gloves for review purposes and all opinions stated are my own.

The gloves are available on Amazon

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