Thursday, August 4, 2016

Chalk One Up (review)

  A few weeks ago we visited a sidewalk art festival.  My kids enjoyed seeing what people had drawn on the sidewalk as much as I did.  They even saw a few artist still in action which helped to solidify that they were drawn by people and it was possible for them to do the same thing.

I am  not sure what the theme was but they were able to pick out familiar things to them.  It was definitely a family event as there was something for everyone to see. Musicians depicted as well as cartoon characters.

I don't know about you but when I was a child growing up sidewalk chalk was cut and dry. You had a package of a few colors and that was it.  Now the kids have so many options available to them that our neighborhoods should never be boring again!

We picked up this bucket full of sidewalk fun for hours.

  The bucket has 4 stencils.  They are made of a nice durable plastic and easy enough for little ones to shade in for a picture.

  A variety of egg shaped chalk pieces.
Look, creating that rainbow just got easier with this 3 in 1 chalk holder.

 Multiple colors and styles of straight chalk pieces. All thick and easy to grab for all fingers. Of course they have yet to make chalk indestructible; see the red one.

4 colorful chalk grips.  One for a few different shades or one for each child.

The grips I thought were neat because if your child hates to get chalk on their hands, needs a little extra help holding them or for that genius artist in your house to fine tune their artwork with precision.

Talk about a bucket of endless possibilities.  The age is 4+ and I would say that any age would enjoy the different tools and colors available to them.  The bucket is nice in itself that everything does fit back nicely and readily available for next time.

I picked this bucket up at Walmart.  I was not paid nor was this a free item.  I am merely sharing my opinion of a great outside activity item for your child.  All opinions mentioned are solely mine. 

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