Monday, July 18, 2016

Summer Bucketlist

  Summer is in full swing.  We are trying to take advantage of it and enjoy it around the extreme heat and rain.  I don't usually make a list; but instead just go explore and have fun however this year I decided to make one.  I made a list of places and activities I would like to do this summer for both myself and my kids.

  I made a list for both because their are somethings on mine that are not for children and just things I would like to do.  Now I may not get to all the items on either list but I sure hope so and will try.

  I initially made the list but asked for other choices when I was done but the kids will tend to say things they have already done throughout the year.  I think Chuck E. Cheese and us can take a break for a bit.  So on my lit are places and activities that I know they would like but are not fully aware of to even suggest.  I know that after they experience some of them they will be happy to have done it.

  Planned activities for my kids are: water balloon fight, badminton game, boat ride, fishing, nighttime fun like cooking s'mores and collecting lightening bugs.  Some planned places include camping, museums,  water park and even McDonald's so they can play in the play area.

  We have a pony swim that I would like the kids to see and maybe get them to a cavern!  My list includes a trip to Biltmore Estates  and  train ride.  I personally am considering a white water raft trip, indoor skydiving and a trip to a flower field!

  Of course this is a portion of my summer bucket list.  It's nice to have it organized and to cross an item off when we have done it.  We will still do the summer fun things like going to the beach, swimming at the pool, visiting a park or playground and take advantage of the kids free and budget deals like attending the movies, bowling and summer library programs.

  Follow us as we visit new places and experience new things this summer.  Hopefully it will inspire you with your family to try something new as well.

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