Friday, July 8, 2016

Pinterest Challenge Day 8

  With so many options available to you on Pinterest it's so hard to choose what to do next.  I enjoy trying new meals be it entree, snack or desserts so I look at those and save a lot of them.  The second area I look at is the teaching, learning for kids.  I work a lot with my kids and am constantly looking up new ways to teach them something specific and new ideas to reinforce what they have learned.  Last area is arts and crafts more so for them than diy projects for myself.  Crafts that I can make or that they can make is fun to watch the progress.  Usually these crafts look easier than DIY projects, are quicker and I have most everything on hand.

  Today I am sharing another project from that second area.  I had shaving cream, a pointed device (toothpick, or broken off qtip (we used skewers)) paper and food coloring available so that's a green light for creating more art.

  Spray your shaving cream on the surface.  Even it out so you have it completely smooth.

Drop random drops of food coloring across the surface; even dropping different colors, different amounts on original drops.  Next use a pointed device  to make desired patterns.


We stuck with fireworks with one child and the other child working with the other side of the tray did more of an abstract pattern.

  Place your paper over the landscape when your done swirling the colors.  Pat it nicely to ensure all paper has made contact with paper and color have set.

Remove paper and wipe the shaving cream off and behold the beauty.  I must admit I didn't think it worked when I pulled the paper off but when I cleaned that shaving cream off it was magically.  There is not a clear precise picture maybe because I left the paper on to long, too much color, shaving cream was melting.  It would be worth another try to see the results.

  You could make your own stationary.  I have used nailpolish and had great designs but this is so much cleaner.  I would even like to try it on material and fabric.  I wonder how it would work out.  It's food coloring I almost think it would be permanent but maybe it would need something to set it.

  Overall easy, cheap project to make with the kids and if your a great artist I bet you can make some awesome pictures as well.  This is a great project for kids of all ages which as you can see my two even had to share their surface as my shaving cream was limited.  So much for supplies on hand.

Definitely a #pinterestwin and even the kids declared this a fun project!

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