Wednesday, March 2, 2016

We Love Dr. Seuss

  Although we didn't get to fancy with our breakfast other than waffles. (No green eggs and ham here).  We did take time out to read books, make some symbolic crafts and nibble on a special treat.

  When I told her it was someones birthday today and told her it was Dr. Seuss.  I asked her if she knew who he was.  She surprised me with Cat in the Hat.  So one point for my daughter whom is always paying attention to pull it out and surprise me later.

  Little man got the privilege of making spots for his puppet.

 His craft was inspired by the book Put Me in the Zoo!

The young lady had Green Eggs and Ham for her craft!  Although we are missing the ham; she enjoyed her green eggs!

My contribution to the day were candy green eggs!  I melted white chocolate and added a green m&m to the tops!  I am working on Thing 1 and 2 but, ran out of supplies so I will post when complete!

My kids had a lot of fun with today! How did you celebrate Dr.Seuss day?

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