Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Easter Nests

  I saw this snack and assessed my capabilities.  The ingredients were minimal and everyday my talent is increasing in the kitchen so I gave it a try!

 There are a lot of options for your "glue".  I used butterscotch chips but you could have used chocolate chips or even marshmallows.  Once you have choosen your glue.  Melt it down.

 For my nesting I used Chow Mein Noodles but here is another area that you also have some options in.  You can use cereal, pretzels and shredded coconut.  Add your nesting to the "glue" and stir until coated.

I placed the coated nests in a muffin cup to hold the shape and contain mess.  It really isn't that messy but just in case.  This also helps with portion control .

We made a few but, I would like to go back and taste the other variations.  This is an easy recipe and you can make a bunch for a classroom treat or Easter party elsewhere in no time.

My kids did not assist me with this because of the hot candy but kids could come behind you and drop the eggs in!  

  This was such a cute snack and I'm glad I tried it and hope to use it again!  


  1. I have always wanted to make Easter nests and had no idea how to make it. This would be perfect for our bird series. Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. This was our first time making them and they came out pretty cute!

  2. I have seen this done and was thinking of doing with my grandkids. Thanks for the caution about the hot candy! Think I'll make the nests & let the drop in the candy!

    1. Hello Cathy! I threw that comment out there because the day I bought the jellybeans and told my kids we were going to make something with them they got so excited. Then when I thought about it I said they really cant do that part. But that's ok! You can make them and surprise them with the finished product just needing the eggs!