Friday, March 11, 2016

No Excuse Mom Workouts (review)

  Yesterday I introduced you to hiking with your children and today I have another group to bring the kids to.  It's great to have a safe place, a free place, a place to socialize and a way to workout all embracing the fact that you have kids.

  No excuse mom is a group of women that meet atleast weekly to workout together.  Your leader coordinates the location and the workout routine.  You are free to bring your children as they will be inches away from you in a park or in the same room inside.

  Due to my injury I was unable to workout with them prior to now.  Today I went and this particular city was having a Zumba class.

Check out noexcusemom online to find the nearest location to you.  As the weather gets warmer they will be meeting up more in parks.  After your workouts let the kids run around about in the park or playground and everyone is guaranteed to have a much more relaxed calm afternoon.

This is a free group!  They meet in free areas and the workouts change regularly.  The ladies encourage each other and the kids either hang out in strollers or play amongst themselves.  This is a great social outlet and a nice slow way to get back some energy; that we all need whether we lost it from too many sleepless nights, or chasing toddlers.

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