Thursday, March 10, 2016

Hiking with Children (a hiking group review)

  Do you know what's nice?

1.  Getting outside to enjoy the fresh air.
2.  Spending time moving.
3.  Meeting new people with a common interest.

  Today I finally got to join a group that I have been watching from the sidelines.  A group that supports, promotes and encourages you to get out and explore your neighborhood with your children.  You know I am not shy with my kids and hiking.  We have trumped through over a dozen state parks, paddled in boats and took on the Lighthouse Challenge in New Jersey climbing up 100's of steps!

  This group provides a platform to meet up with other individuals and their children to hike together.  Even if your a regular hiker or walk your neighborhood these guys provide an outlet to maybe see a new area.  They have regular and spontaneous hikes.  The hikes meet at different areas and offer different paces, trails, and offer hikes that are stroller friendly and some that are carrier only.

  The group is all based on volunteers but I'm sure it doesn't seem like work when your meeting up with friends for a regular 2 mile walk.  Today we (the kids and I) walked 2 miles with this group (you choose a group based on your preference of location, miles and child options be it stroller, carrier or walker.

  On our walk it took us to a new area! We saw some new things.

My kids made new friends 

And we got in some miles today!

Check them out hikeitbaby and see if they have a local branch for you to connect with.  It's a good way to get out and about.  Shake off those winter blues! 

All it takes is one step!

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