Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Nature Walk

  We got out yesterday and visited a local park.  To say I was amazed is an understatement about the park.  I had been here previously to rent a boat, went fishing here and even visited the visitor center.  I have taken note of the playground but never of the actual history of the park nor the plentiful abundance of trails.

We set out to explore this park and to walk the trail.  My kids first started walking trails last year and thoroughly understand what is involved in a hike. The good bad and ugly.  Good being new sights and catching a glimpse of wildlife and some interesting sounds.  The bad being catching a glimpse of wildlife.  The ugly being slipping on mud.


I love the initial enthusiasm on their faces before we get started.  They know I have their water and maybe a snack in my bag.  They trust me in every way possible.  They look at me for fun, adventure and as their tour guide.  I prep them. Encourage them even when we are driving to a location.  I know you will do good and I know you can make the whole walk.  They always agree and are eager to get moving.

Time frames and miles mean nothing to them but they still lead the way or walk beside me happy to be together and ready to explore!  I laugh at the maps we pick up as it seems when I walk I seem to add on miles along the way my sense of direction is not always 100 percent but then again I think the map may be a little off.

  Regardless as long as I keep my kids engaged with what's around us they have truly become my favorite partners in crime.  They point out things I may have missed and get the imagination going as they tell me what they think happened to the crooked tree of why theres mysterious mud on our path.

Take your kids out and explore with them.  Getting them acquainted and comfortable with nature.  Explore a short .5 mile trail or a longer 2.5 mile one.  Tell them about the birds you see, a specific tree or talk about the current season.  I do have my phone out taking pictures but this is one time I do spend with them devoted to their attention.

There is an app on my phone that keeps track of my steps an I aim to keep it busy this year as well as regain control of my fitness.  I have started giving myself a weekly mileage goal and plan to increase it every week.  It will be nice to see new places, get in better shape and make new memories with my family.  

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