Monday, March 14, 2016

A Peek at our Walk

  So today we the kids and I went on our second hike with hikeitbaby.  It is such a nice feeling to be strolling with others.  It had been the kids and I for so long.  You almost feel safer with others with you.  I like how my kids are able to experience nature with other kids.

  Other kids may point out something one of us missed.  They pick up sticks, poke things and always look in the leaves and in the dirt.

  This group just proves that you can find a group of mom's anywhere and everywhere with a common goal!  To meet up and socialize, grab some fresh air and exercise in a more relaxing environment.


  Today was a very child friendly led walk.  The kids are able to walk at their own pace.  This allows them to explore and become more comfortable with nature.

  Moms came out with babies on backs as well.  Some trails are not stroller friendly so having this accessory is nice.

A nice 1.5 or 2 mile hike just before lunchtime makes for a nice intro to naptime.

In nature you never know what you will see.  Today we saw a red bird (not a Cardinal but, not sure what it was) and a squirrel!

I'm excited as I am going to start leading my own hikes.  This will be great for our outdoor adventures!  

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  1. We love hiking. We do many of our own hikes as well as we are hiking guides for West Coast Adventure. It is so fun to make new friends, talk, and enjoy the nature outdoors. We Always feel alive when we our outdoors. Yes, after a great hike my little one loves to take a nap. :)