Friday, March 4, 2016

Bath Time Fun

  Bubbles, toys and even those fizzing bath bombs make baths fun for little people but, one activity that entertains my kids playing the over all of that are our foamies.

I was in a trade last year where there was a theme and we all made foam cut outs to represent that theme.  In that swap there were hearts, bunnies, shamrocks to name a few.  My kids still enjoy pulling these out to play with.

  These bath foams are a simple item to stick on the wall and create a scene around.  My kids ask to play with certain ones at random times.

 A variety of scenes can be made with flowers, rain and groundhogs.

  Does anyone know what Dr.Seuss books these are?

  You can make letters, numbers or focus on colors and shapes.  They are easy to make.  Pick up some foam material even available at the dollar store and cut out your desired item.  They are easy to cut.  You can get better foam options to includes colors at a craft store.

You don't need to be an artist.  Just draw your picture cut it out.
 That's it.

  Endless possibilities with this cheap inexpensive craft.  Bath time just got better.  Try it out for next time.

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