Saturday, March 5, 2016

Uno Pizzeria (review)

  We do eat out not as often as we used to and that's good!  However if your going to eat out you might as well have fun with it.  We walked around the mall tonight and decided to eat at Uno's Pizzeria.  I hadn't been here in awhile and only remember I liked the pizza.

  Well they are more than just a pizzeria.  I started my meal out with a delicious goat cheese and walnut side salad.  The menu had a variety of salads, appetizers and sandwiches.  The kids menus have some creativity and variety as well.

  They have safari nuggets; which means they have exotic shaped nuggets.  I am almost sure even though I didn't taste them that these nuggets have got to taste better than plain old round nuggets.  The kids menu also has a build your own pizza! Ahh, hello I would like to make my own pizza!

The waitress brings out an apron and a pizza that you cover with sauce, cheese and pepperonis.

She had a lot of fun assembling her own pizza.  I must admit we didn't have as much patience as she did in this process but oh well on us.

I swear 15 minutes later if not longer we were finally able to help her top it off and get it sent out to cook.

Your name is written on a popsicle stick in order to keep the personally made pizzas together.  She was happy to see her masterpiece pizza returned to her.

  This table side entertainment by our very own family member made this meal one of my favorites.  She had fun and we had fun.  Dinner doesn't have to be a boring sit down and talk amongst yourselves.  It's nice to have a little entertainment while you dine.

  The overall restaurant was a comfortable environment for families.  There was a variety of tables and boothes.  Enough wait staff was hustling the floor.  Our drinks were topped off regularly and our waitress answered all our inquiries about the menu.  We will visit again soon.  They even have a make your own pizza birthday party!  What a nice treat that would be for a child and the friends!

  With such a broad menu in addition to the pizza selection this is a good place to visit.  They offer daily lunch specials as well as a pick a 2 item for $12 per person option.  Check them out and witness that they are more than just a pizzeria!

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