Sunday, February 28, 2016

Triple 9 (movie reveiw)

   I started my weekend with a movie.  Waiting to see a movie on the weekend allowed me to sift through my new and old options.  Although there are some old movies still playing that I wanted to see I choose a new movie.

  This week I decided on Triple 9.  This movie runs for 1 hour and 55 minutes.  It is rated R and is categorized as a crime/drama film.  Staring Anthony Mackie, Woody Harrelson, Casey Affleck and until I looked the movie up I wasnt aware of it but Kate Winslet as well.

  This movie is not your typical good cop bad cop movie.  It starts out with guns blazing as individuals rob a bank whereas on their getaway the red dye fills their car and they have to make a quick decision to remedy the situation.   After the first robbery we are introduced to the team of robberies! 2 brothers (isn't there always a set of siblings in a robbery) a ringleader and 2 corrupt cops.

  One bad cop is no happy when he is present with a good cop as partner but he eventually embraces the relationship.  The cops are plain clothes cops (don't let the pinstripes fool you) working closely with the community to include the gang division.  The new good guy doesn't know the rules of the streets so he bumps heads.

  This movie was very intense.  You are able to play out some scenes before it happens but there is still plenty of action that you don't see coming.  Another big job needs to be done as the bad guys are dealing with badder guys.  Noone is happy but those bad guys sure are smart and creative when it comes to figuring out how to get the job done.

  This movie had cops and gangs so expect guns, drugs, strippers and language. If you need to go to the bathroom go in the middle just don't wait till the end because you will miss some good spots.  Your movie mate telling you about it will never quite capture that moment.

  I liked this movie.  Will I see it again, probably not but doesn't mean I didn't like it because I did!  This movie had so much action, and plots it was nice to see what the guys were going to do next.  The boss lady was great.  I hated her so much but was amazed at how calm and cool someone could be.  I saw check it out, sit back and enjoy yourself!

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