Monday, February 29, 2016

Random Reviews

  I have decided to share with you some of the products I have received as a product reviewer in the past.  I will add my disclaimer now so there is not any confusion.  All the products I received as a review product were either free or discounted for my honest review and all opinions stated are my own.

  Two of my very used and loved products are kitchen products that are used on a daily basis.  A family has to eat so this is a great area I can heavily use a product and get its full potential out of.

  My first product is a salt and pepper grinder and shaker.

  This shaker is easy to use and wash in between refills.  One side holds your coarse sea salt and the other end holds your peppercorn.  Each side has its own independent grinder for grinding that particular substance.  Each has its own cover as well for storage.  It is made of clear plastic and stainless steel.

Another great kitchen I recently acquired was an oil no drip glass dispenser.

The glass oil dispenser holds you oil and measures a maximum of 1 tablespoon in the top measuring compartment.  You simply squeeze the sides in the designated spot for the oil to be pulled from the straw to appropriately measure it.  When your have gotten your desire amount you simple Pour out through the spot that specific premeasured amount.  The bottle is mad of glass with rubber parts.  The whole bottle is easy to disassemble for washing.

There you have it two great kitchen devices for my kitchen.  Two handy tools I use on a regular basis for a variety of meals throughout the day.  I will be sharing future posts with you showcasing my review products.

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