Thursday, February 18, 2016

And After Many Days (Book Review)

  "It was the year of the poor.  Of rumors, radio announcements, student riots and sudden disappearances."  This pretty much somes up the book And After Many Days by jowhor-ile in one sentence.  The story of a family living life in 1995 in Africa.

  Having water, gas, electric and land controlled by a higher power.  The higher power being the government.  Not just taxing it but shutting it off and or taking it away at will.  A lifestyle most of us are not accustomed to having.

  This story leads us down the road of a sister worried about her brother whom never returned.  A brother who misses his brothers stories.  A father and mother who still need to work, fight a cause they know is wrong and raise a family.  All while soldiers invade their town, their son is missing and a threat of a pipeline invades the surrounding farmland.

  Follow Bibi! Meet Application Master. Who was Barisua and what really happened with her and Ajie?  This story holds a lot of detail in all the characters.  I always like to look in on the lives of others but sometimes you don't want to see the truth.

"So this is what it means to touch another human being."

  I received this book from blogging for books for review.

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