Monday, February 22, 2016

Deadpool (movie review)

  I went to see Deadpool the beginning of last week so that got my movie in for the week.  I'm already trying to figure out this week but have figured out what's going on March 4th!

  So back to Deadpool.  Definitely rated R! I wouldn't take my children and have heard caution issued on television reviews but saw several kids at the showing when I was there.  To each his own.  The movie runs for 1 hour and 48 minutes and stars Ryan Reynolds, T.J.Miller, Morena Baccarin to list a few.

  You will not see any familiar X-men characters although Wolverine is referred to a couple times.  Two X-men residents make a couple appearances and you do catch a glimpse of the house but the story ends there.

  You got to love movies that go backwards at the beginning to appreciate the whole story.   I'm sure several of us didn't know the story of how Deadpool came to be so in this case it needed to be this way!  

  The movie starts off with action right away.  Deadpool wants not just revenge but a secret remedy to cure him.  He is in the search to find the man who disfigured him. (avocado who had sex with another avocado)

  Before Deadpool there was Wade Wilson just a regular man who finds love and is trying to live the American dream and live happily ever after.  He gets diagnosed with a life threatening disease but then when offered a new opportunity to defy the odds he takes it.

  The movie is packed with action, love, violence and more action.  I surprisingly liked this movie.  I didn't select this movie to go see but tagged along to go see it anyways.  It had a lot of crude jokes, gestures or innuendos but some of it was just funny.  Some of it may have been excessive but based on what you learn about the character it almost seemed appropriate.

  Final decision about this movie I could even sit through it again when it's released from the theaters.  Not a bad movie it had a lot going on to keep you interested.  You didn't know what to expect so it was nice to see the next scene.  You need to watch the movie to see what happened to him and how he got to be who he was.  If there was a second movie I would go to see it as I think he would have a bigger entourage and it would be even more entertaining to watch a team fighting crime.

 Happy movie viewing everyone!

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