Monday, February 8, 2016

The Boy (movie review)

  Although I finally made it to see this movie and it wasn't opening night or within the first week is neither her nor there.  I made it and that's all that matters.

  I found out when I went this time based on luck I guess but I can go for $4 per person on Sat or Sun before 4! That's a whole buck cheaper than I was aware of.  Can you see how excited I am with this news?!

  The boy rated PG-13 runs for 1 hour 38 minutes.  The actors and actresses although I am not familiar with did a great job of combining forces to scare me.  The characters were a combination of good guys  and gals as well as bad guys.  Bonus as the movie takes place across the pond there is of course a nice looking actor with an accent to keep you entertained ladies.

  The boy is about a nanny from the U.S. working abroad for a family.  The money she makes in one week is amazing, she only has to follow a small list of duties and just take care of a doll.  How hard is that?

  A little boy has passed but the family is grieving and need help to raise a doll that they have declared a substitute for their lovely Brahms.  Brahms meant the world to them and still does in this form.  They needed some help and employed a nanny.  She was young, fit and up for some time away from Montana so why not.

  The things that she has to do are not asking to much.  Take care of him as if he was your own.  But just because noone is looking doesn't mean you shouldn't do your job.  The boy has chosen her and he likes her.  Just follow the list and everything will be ok.

  This was a good movie and now that I have seen it I can watch it again when it does come out.  It has the loud music, your heart does jump out but you can simply put it back in. I refuse to spoil this movie but will say it's an original thriller and you can't imagine the conclusion.  Must see....... just in case another one comes out.

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