Thursday, February 4, 2016

A day at the Park

  Last year I visited a park where I saw a challenge to visit 5 parks to receive a annual pass to visit all the state parks.  I had so much fun at one park I wanted in on this challenge.  At my first park we went initially for fishing but then found our self exploring the park. I had no idea that one place could hold so many possibilities and beauty.  That day after our fishing, we took a hike on a trail and ventured down by the water and was met with more beauty.  This all started me wanting more.

  After the first 5 state park visits I did submit for my pass.  I received it shortly thereafter and a parking pass as well. That was all I needed to encourage me to see more.  After that I visited a couple parks here and there and just recently visited a few more this past weekend.  In case you thought state parks were boring, or there was nothing to see behold the beauty of nature!

    Parks have a variety to offer you no matter the season.  Snow sometimes adds a compliment to an already beautiful scene.  Catch a sunrise or sunset.  Most parks are open dawn till dusk.

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