Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Alphabet fun

  I have two children at home!  Homeschool is completely different experience with two kids.  One child wants to learn, the other wants to play.  One wants to do what the other is doing or one is too loud for the other one.  It takes extra effort and creativity on my part to help them each grow in areas they want and need to grow in.

  We focus on letters individually as well as the whole overall alphabet.  Kids need to understand the difference between letters and numbers as well as which letter is what.  They need to understand letters make words words make sentences.

  Today we focused on the overall alphabet and number recognition.  We made alphabet soup.

Your soup ingredient are beans (I used 3 bags of different kinds) letters and a spoon. 

  A good soup takes lots of stirring and sometimes you got to get in there and mix with your hands

  After we have thoroughly combine the ingredients we match the letters to a puzzle my other student (child) has made.  I was going to make  just a sheet of paper with letters written on it but this worked great. (Shame we were missing one piece, grr)

His completed work!  It did take time to register what letter went where but sometimes he got it right away.  I think this is a great game he will get speedier at.   He was so happy when he got it right

It worked today and may not work tomorrow.  We can only try and see how it goes.  Worse case is I just have to change it up.

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