Thursday, October 6, 2016

Party Night with Q And Kids

  I was chosen to host my first party by Tryazon and Qtainment.  As a mom what better opportunity than to find some friends and play some games!


The game stars a monkey trying to reach his tree house.  Kids are tasked with a choice of 3 opportunities to help in this process.  They either answer or solve a dilemma that Q is having, answering a question pertaining to themselves or do an action.

I think my favorite card is the do.  What better way to keep kids entertained and distracted then to having another child do something funny.  This takes the boredom factor right away.  Also the kids have to wait their turn to see which card they get.

The focus of the game is to help boost and promote social skills, behavior and physical coordination.  It's geared for ages 3 and up and although that's a young age; parents can help or coax their child with answers or prompts enforcing the right answer or solution.

My daughter confiscated (her younger brother didn't have a chance) the stuffed Q for herself.   The additional workbooks are a nice way to continue the learning and fun.

I love the app that is available as well because we can play it when we are on the go.  I am not sure if the game has my kids interest because of the monkey, or its just plain fun.  It's not like any other game you have played before.  Each card makes the game more fun.  It's not about who gets to the top first as much as it is about the overall interaction between kids to get there.

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