Friday, October 28, 2016

Letter F preschool

  This week little man was learning the letter F.  F is a fun letter.  It makes you describe just as many things as you can find beginning with that letter.  For example f is for fun and food.  So that leads to everything!

This activity has him follow the phrase I read to him and circle the F's.

A basic math sheet.  He is able to count the objects and circle he appropriate number.

He likes to use the dot makers.  For this activity I try to encourage him to make contact with all circles.  So a slow deliberate movement is involved here.

F is for fingerprints.  A ink pad and the letter f!

This is the first page of his workbook.  It changes with each letter but offers a image to trace and  few of the upper and lower case letters to trace.

This was a first for us with this type of worksheet.  Numbers 1-6 with 6 different colors.  He had to color the number the appropriate color.  Of course he cant read the color but, he can identify the numbers.

Lastly was our Frankenstein craft! Super easy craft, seasonal fun and used with all supplies I had on hand.

Letter F is finished and its time for a new letter next week.

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