Sunday, October 2, 2016

Meal Plan 10/3-10/7

  Another week means another plan.  Last week went really well with an exception that I had leftovers for two days versus one.  So on Thursday and Friday we had leftovers.  Nothing wrong with that.  Tonight we used the chicken that I had pulled out for the Chicken Lazone meal on Friday to cook that meal.

  It was good nonetheless and because I didn't have to think about what to make or thaw the meat out the dinner was easy to pull together in less then an hour and everyone was satisfied with the meal.

  I did manage to pick up groceries last week to the tune of just under $200 and will make the rest of the meals for the month of October.  We will need to go back to the store for milk as I don't have room to keep gallons of it in my fridge for weeks at a time.  Other than that though we will survive and I will use up all the produce I bought instead of throw it away due to letting it get rotten. (that's more for of a goal for me)

10/3 Kielbasa

10/4 BBQ Porkchops in the crockpot w/ mac & cheese

10/5  Breakfast for dinner!

10/6 Chicken

10/7 Leftovers

  Wish me luck.  Using up some fresh zucchini this week, making my own bbq sauce for the porkchops and will make something special for that breakfast for dinner.  Monday and Thursday recipes are new to me so we will see how they taste!

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