Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Frankenstein is for letter F (craft)

  So we are learning the letter f and I only seems fitting to make an appropriate craft representing the said letter F and in keeping with the season; making it Frankenstein!

He is really easy to make and definitely one "f" related craft I wouldn't have made or thought of in September!

Basic supplies you may already have on hand include:

                    green and black paper

toilet paper roll

a large black pompom

googly eyes

and pipe cleaners! 

Measure your green paper to the wrap around the tube and glue into place.  Cut a small strip of black paper with various jagged edges for the hair line and glue on the top of the tube as well as the eyes.  

I cut the pipe cleaner in half then half again.  I then twisted it and folded to make a t-shape.  I made a hole on each side of the head with the tip of scissors and inserted  them into the sides of the head.

I made stitches for his face.  One large strip with smaller strips placed over them and glued in place.  The mouth is also a black line with more stitches.

Lastly, I popped the black pompom on to the top of the tube to finish it off as his hair!

My son really liked making this.  He likes monsters and shh don't tell him he was learning and perfecting his glue skills, and hand and eye coordination!

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  1. How fun are these? I always love a good holiday themed craft. Of course, Halloween is a favorite of mine!