Sunday, October 16, 2016

Meal Plan 10/17-10/21

  Even if you are not following my weekly meal plans do you have your own plan?  How do you decide?  I know some people have a specific day they have a certain meal (taco Tuesday)  Some people plan their meals based on the sales circulars.  Do you continue to make the same meals?  How often do you challenge yourself to a new recipe?

  I look on the Internet for most of my meals.  Sometimes I go to a specialty page and scan for a recipe other times I just make a generic search for porkchops recipes.  I do however shop before I pick my menu.

  My small list of regular necessities are dairy items, cereal, fruit, meat/fish, pasta, beans and veggies.  After that I let loose in the store and grab whatever to create.  I usually shop for the month.

10/17 pasta


10/18 Meatless

10/19  Chicken

10/20 Ground meat (this for me is usually turkey)

10/21 Leftovers

  What are your plans for the week?  I'm hungry just thinking about it.


  1. Such a great way to get organized with simple meals! Love the variety day to day.

  2. Love the meal plan! Check mine out--I post mine every Monday!

  3. This is so nice,planning and organising with simple plans!!����