Monday, October 31, 2016

Indoor Pumpkin Craft

(When you apply a face on an upside down jar think it through first)

  This is an easy way to bring that glow into your house!  My disclaimer: I may or may not be a hoarder.  My littlest one hasn't eaten baby food in years.

For this project I pulled out old glass baby food jars and plastic ones as well.  I didn't know which one would work better so I used one of each.  The plastic leftover cups from fruit may work to depending on the height.

  I  addition to the jars you need:

                            tissue paper (and glue)


  The glass jar was painted.

The plastic jar was glued and scraps of torn tissue paper was applied to it.

Orange was the name of the game since these were supposed to be pumpkins.  Red and yellow paint on the glass jar to give me orange and I layered yellow tissue paper first then red on the plastic jar for an orange glow.

Cutout your faces.

Add your light device under the jar.

You now have indoor pumpkins less the mess, and clean up.

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