Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Eye in the Sky (movie review)

  I looked over my options for the week and decided Eye in the Sky was the movie for me for the week.  This drama/thriller is rated R and runs for 1 hour 42 minutes.  The cast to pull this movie off included Helen Mirren, Alan Rickman and Aaron Paul to name a few.

  Having been in the military I do like to occasionally watch a military type film.  This one was no let down.  We are all aware of the invisible eyes of the government watching us.  What we don't know is how often, when, where and what capabilities do they really have to do it.

  Our modern times have led us to make some hard decisions.  Human life has seemed to decrease in value in the eyes of others.   In the defense of a nation, country or crowded landmark  how many should die, do die or could die if a situation is diverted or not?

  This movie keeps you entertained from the beginning of the movie with high tech technology like drones and their secret pilots on land, innocence learning how to perfect hula hoop action and selling you wares at the corner to provide income for your family.  We all have our daily routines. Activities that we do to pass the time or make money.

  Without making everyone paranoid we do not live in a safe world.  We are not free from harm and we don't know who is watching.

  Sit back and enjoy this movie.  Take a peak at the military and government in action saving people from a bigger problem.  An unimaginable situation.  This movie should make you think of the consequences of your own actions.  What one little decision did you make that made a difference?

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