Saturday, April 23, 2016

Barbershop The Next Cut (movie review)

  Well I need to get caught up on my last movie.  I went to see this last Sunday which technically puts me a day behind.  I never caught up with a new movie this week and already have a scheduled movie for next week being tomorrow.  So I have officially missed watching/catching a movie once a week.  At the present time as of today I do not have plans for a movie seeing as I'm going tomorrow.  I know which one I would go see today but I doubt I will go.

  So last week I went to see Barber Shop.  Starring Ice Cube, Cedric the Entertainer to name a few!  This comedy PG-13and runs for 1 hour and 52 minutes was indeed a good movie.  I was entertained through the whole movie and maybe even experienced an episode of a wet eye.

  The crew is back and with some ladies working in the shop you are privileged to catch the banter between the two sexes.  There's flirting, jokes and seriousness passed from side to side.  Serious topics as well as jokes about each other.  I started to feel like I knew the ending from the very beginning but was thrown off a couple times.  Nothing wrong with that. I think that makes a better movie when I can watch it without a really knowing what's going to happen.

  Gangs and guns!  An area that is out of control.  In some areas more than others.  Innocent people die or suffer as a result of gangs.  Companies lose customers or their whole business.  Neighborhoods are tormented.  Frightened, innocent, naive children are injured, killed or inducted into the gangs.  More can be done but only by the help of many.

  The barbershop wants to start a movement. They want people to recognize a problem and work on actively resolving it.  They use their resources and work as a team to bring light on an area that is a growing problem everywhere.    

  We don't live in a bubble and are definitely capable of more than what we think.  Maybe not capable of handling all situations by ourself but as a team that supports, encourages and motivates.  We could make a lot of things happen.  Everyone knows someone.  You don't know a reporter but a friend or a friend does.  Find a platform your passionate about and use that as a focus to make a change.

Glad I went and would see it again on dvd!

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