Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Boss (movie review)

  I picked this movie based on Melissa McCarthy and her comedic ways.  She did not disappoint.

  In this movie she is a rich boss woman.  In charge of her own empire and sharing her get rich ideas with the world.  However she messes or lack there of with the wrong person who brings her down.  She's left with basically nothing but her assistant.  However fortunately her mindset was still in the get rich, stay rich, be rich mode but she couldn't get hired or find partners to work with.  So after seeing the potential of a tasty treat and some girls being taken advantage of she comes up with a brilliant idea for anyone willing to take a chance.

  This was a good movie. I was entertained by it.  Her movies are nice when she has another great A star actor in it.  There's always a slow spot in every movie; don't look for it just watch and enjoy.   I was only annoyed at the scarf around her neck the entire movie which in suppose was to portray her "rich" status but it was always there.  Knowing her daughter along with her husband playing parts in it was kind of fun when you hear that back story.

  I am not turned off by her movies and will continue to go but just have not been completed wowed by her movies.  I will keep watching so if I were to rate this. I would watch it again via redbox!

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