Monday, April 25, 2016

Country Crock (review)

  A few weeks ago I received a new voxbox from Influenster.  This package was for Country Crock spread.  In this package was a coupon to make my own purchase be it a tub or sticks of the spread.  Also included was a recipe card to create my own cookies with a basic recipe.  I choose the tub.

  I have baked with sticks in the past but choose to make my cookies with the spread.  Not hard at all. I scooped out the appropriate measurements and added it to my mixing bowl.  I was elated with the ease of using the spread.

  The convenience of using the spread allows me now the privilege of making one purchase for future baking or giving me an alternative to using sticks.

  Country Crock didn't fail me in flavor either.  The flavor was still there in every bite of the cookies as much as it is on a slice of toast or as an add-in for some vegetables.

  Country Crock comes in 3 flavors in addition to the original: churn style, light and calcium.  I prefer tubs because I like to be able to put the top back on it and it sits in the fridge taking up minimal space but I can also stack things on it as well.  Sometimes my sticks have been known to jump out off that fridge door.  Also being able to recycle or reuse the tubs is a bonus.

  I was provided this product for review purposes and all opinions are my own.

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