Sunday, October 8, 2017

Weekend Fitness

  It's Friday and the weekend is almost here.  You have worked all week and you can't wait to take it easy on the weekend.  That's completely understandable but your workout doesn't have to be canceled.

  I knew I would have a busy weekend but I am motivated to stay active all 31 days of October so I planned ahead.  Saturday I was going to be gone but based on my plans I was going to be walking a lot so that was my fitness for the day.

It worked out great.  I would have liked 25,000 steps but we had to go to another place at 6 and it started to rain so my plans were not quite 100 % attainable.

On Sunday I knew again that my fitness routine would be interrupted so I set my alarm a little earlier for jog before my 'official' day started! 

  Most of my cardio routines are in the morning so that's nothing new to me.  It works best for me because after noon I lack motivation for the most part.  3 miles for me!  The weekend didn't slow me down!

  Well at the end of my weekend. I feel good! My fitness was not compromised based on the weekend or busy plans.

  I still managed to get a complete week of fitness done!

  1 week done 3 weeks and 3 days to go.  This is just a view of my steps.  I didn't necessarily walk or jog to get fitness but sometimes I did both. Thursday and Friday I rode my bike and those miles don't get calculated with my app. Monday I also did Yoga.

  Do you have a goal for the month?  How are you doing so far towards that? 

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