Friday, October 6, 2017

School with Letter D

  Moving along on our alphabet journey we have finished with the letter D. Letter  D was fun.  We played games, played with food and got outside.  We are continuing on learning sight words, reading and identifying the letter of the week when we are out and about.

D is for dog.  We don't usually walk the dog but this day we walked him. Poor dog walked miles with us.

He likes to write his letters in the sand on the sidewalk.   He will do this without any prompts from me.

He says, "I spy with my eye a letter d!"  Good job little man. No D is off limits.

Each week he gets new words.  It took us more then a week to have some words figure out.  Here he is writing: is, and, my, the and look.

He can even write dad now based on letters he knows.

Pulled out the clip cards.  Here he clips the lower case letter.  Each clip also has the letters on them.

Food fun was not skipped!

I made some yogurt d's with chocolate chips sprinkled on it and frozen for a cool treat! 

You may think I could have done more I could have played a game with him and to that statement I say...

D is for dominoes! 

Another week down! Another week of learning! He is busy with art and crafts throughout the day and I can't wait to share a project we just finished! 

We as adults are learning everyday or at least something once a week.  What did you learn or teach this week to someone?


  1. The yogurt treat looks like a really fun and tasty way to get a little extra letter practice in!

  2. So cute! We are working on letters at home with my daughter so these ideas are perfect!

  3. I will have to keep all of this in mind when prepping my daughter for Kindergarten! She loves letters and numbers, but we need to incorporate it more into daily life!