Thursday, October 12, 2017

Pete the Cat book and fun

  My son was recently introduced to Pete the Cat and it's catchy songs and loves the books so I decided to make something he can continually play with circling around one of his favorite books.

  He attended a kids event at the library and had fun listening to a couple stories and participating in those activities so some fun at home is a win as well.

There was a sorting buttons based on color or size and he even made a Pete the Cat hat.

For the Pete the Cat I love My White Shoes book I decided to make some shoes.  

I used foam for this craft based on what I was using them for.  Of course you could use plain paper or cardstock. I then colored everything with permanent marker.

In this book Pete has some shoes that he's strolling around in and gets dirty.

He steps on strawberries, blueberries a mud puddle and then a bucket of water (I didn't make a bucket).

I colored each shoe to indicate what was stepped in.

He stepped in strawberries.

He stepped in a pile of blueberries.

He stepped in a puddle of mud.

Lastly, he stepped in a bucket of water.

I made these with foam so that they could be play with on the window or bathtub.

The permanent marker also helps maintain the color with the water.  

Use the shoes for color identification or make more fruit for number counting. 
I did color one side on all but, you could also color one shoe two different colors and have two feet stepping on the items or he is a cat after all you could give him four feet of each color.

I also threw in a lacing activity.  Another piece of foam with several holes punched in and a piece of yarn.  My son can lace but, this will be good practice to learn how to tie.

Have you read the Pete the Cat series with or to your child?  What's your favorite Pete the Cat book?  Have you read this book?


  1. What a fantastic craft! Keeps kids interested in something they already love, fosters ongoing creativity and has great learning activities. Great job.

  2. Love the activities. My kids have one of the Pete the Cat books.

  3. Pete the Cat books are the BEST! And this one is totally one of my kids' favorite, too. I love how you've extended this story into so much fun that your little one can play with again and again! :)