Tuesday, February 24, 2015

So my day started out satisfactory. Lost one child to the educational institution but everyone else was still here. Placing me under house arrest.  2 children are under supervision for possibly being 50 % better although this fluctuates from I feel good to I don't feel good based sometimes on simple requests like can you help with a chore.

Then the day is almost shot when a substance starts falling from the sky again .  Don't look directly at it because it will mesmerize you with its beauty. But step outside to get a closer view and that wind slaps you across the face and thats the best reality check you can get. It's snowing again which isn't a good thing here. Gosh I sure hope I have milk and bread.

Enter the finale to my day. School is closed again.  I just laugh at the thought of my future.  All plans are canceled due to the weather and now any and all regular scheduled routines will be interrupted.  Sleep patterns, nap patterns, and everything in between.  The adolescents will take this as an excuse to consume more food not just at lunch but throughout the day.  Thank you VA.

Wake me up when it's over.

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