Thursday, February 12, 2015

First Day in this world

Today is day one in this world.  I am sure no one is more thrilled than I.  WHY is that you ask?  Because right now at this very second no one knows this exists.  About me........Everyday I am granted a couple hours of sanity as my younger children are sleeping and the other two are in the public school institution until midafternoon.  After that especially the worlds collide.  Peace meets war, love meets evil and I try to stay a float in a fast rising current as I deal with angry, bitter, hungry, self absorbed teenagers and young ones who know if they snack early enough they will not have to eat dinner that I spend so much time on.  They have all learned to attack in different ways so I never know when it will happen nor how.  All I know is I m under fire from several different angles. Distracted while trying to maintain sanity and cook some dinner.  The time is near so lets precede before its too late and I am distracted and you never know such vital information.

I am a mom to 3 princesses and 1 prince. Married and currently spending time in Virginia until I get my dream going somewhere else.  I have a dog, a fish and a bunny isn't that enough.  Born and raised in NY made my way to the present via a few military stops including one in North Dakota (which is really a whole other world).

Here I will present you with some laughs, cries, and any other action packed drama that I can produce.  I will share with you epic delights and failures of meals, childrearing, arts and crafts, my opinions even when you don't ask and why I got sent to the corner.  Sometimes its ok to put Momma in the Corner!

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