Monday, February 23, 2015

Sick day

Today would have been the first day back to school after a week long unscheduled vacation thanks to the snow but the youngest member of our tribe apparently appreciated the noise and people. He is a social butterfly.  He caught a stomach bug on Thursday and shared it with everyone. (minus me)

1 small loving boy + ugly stomach bug= 4 people down

Not too bad I suppose if that wasn't 4 people 2 bathrooms.

Not too bad because everyone appreciates you a little more when you bring the food and water. They just do it rather loudly or in a whiny voice.

Not too bad if you weren't washing your hands everytime you even thought about the mess because you are paranoid to get it.

Maybe it's not all bad. Baby boy could be smarter than he's getting credit for. He took the enemies out for some momma time!  Not bad little man- one point for you.

Stay back everyone I have a mommas boy and I'm not afraid to use it!!

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