Saturday, September 2, 2017

Bic Pens with color and flair

  I received a package of pens from Smiley360 and what a perfect time to sample them just before school shopping.  Each grade suggest different supplies, folder and pen colors are often specifically requested too. So this product is very convenient.

  Bic Gelo-ocity gel pens come in a variety of colors to aid in making that letter standout to a dear friend, maybe spicing up a mundane to-do list, or giving some motivation to your student in their lunch.

  The colors I received were pink, purple and blue.   These pens offer a nice comfortable rubber grip, are retractable and dry quicker then most pens.  I liked the colors and the way the pens wrote.  There was indeed no smear as the ink did dry quickly.  My kit included the pens, coupons to pass out, a coloring sheet to test my colors on, an information guide about the pens and the Smiley360 card with instructions.

  Smiley360 offers a variety of products complimentary for testing purposes and reviews.  Sign up here.  You answers surveys to see if you qualify and accept or decline offers based on your interest.   You share your experiences on your social media platforms and wait for the next opportunity. Through Smiley360 I have tested both products I was familiar with and new products.

  This time it was a win for the kids and myself as we got a great introduction to some colorful school supplies!  I have tried a variety of products from Mucinex, a pillow, vitamins, Advil and dog food to name a few.

   I received these pens complimentary for review purposes from Smiley360 and all opinions expressed are my own.



  1. I love Bic pens. That looks like it was so much fun to use those.

  2. Oh I love pens and stationary! These look fab, I will have to check them out

    1. After I played with them long enough it made me think I could use them to identify appointments for different people on the calendar or distinguish between my own daily tasks.

  3. I love colored pens for keeping my planner organized! I will have to try these ones!

  4. I LOVE colored pens! I am the type to write everything down so having different colors is so helpful.