Monday, March 20, 2017

Kong Skull Island review

  King Kong is not just a movie about a monkey or gorilla if you want to get specific.  There's a plot.  There's action.  There's a little left to keep you guessing.

  Kong: Skull Island runs for 2 hours and is rated PG-13.  This fantasy/ science fiction film stars: Samuel  L. Jackson, Brie Larson and John C. Reilly to name a few.

  I went to see this film after opening day as sometimes it's the best time to go.  Less crowd equals more arm room.  I always try to catch my movies at matinee prices which are easy on Tuesdays as its the special all day Cinemark.  So I can even catch a evening showing missing the crowd for the same affordable rate.

  It was nice to see 2017 Kong even though the movie is still set to be in the 40's.  He looked so realistic and believable.

  As soon as I saw the "female" of the movie I wondered of she was going to fall in love with a man or the gorilla.  The emotions and feelings were there but not just with her.

  There was plenty of action and a couple of those jump from your seat surprises.  A few jokes sprinkled in there which helped you get to know the characters better.  You can almost understand why the need to go to Skull Island is so important but you start to wonder why all the equipment is necessary.
  I am not a Sci-fi geek so as an outsider looking in I liked to see the other different extremely large creatures inhabiting the island.  I heard there was some importance to them.  I will leave that alone.

  I would say the PG-13 rating is about right.  Even if there isn't any sex, the blood and gore make up for it.  Language is pretty colorful but think about it your taking some soldiers to support some scientist on an island.  It's not Gilligan's Island here.

  I liked the movie and would see it again.  I'm sure I would catch more things the second time around.  So go ahead and head out.  It's not going to be packed and you should be able to enjoy yourself.

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