Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Pre-holiday Shopping

  I prefer to not keep track of how many days until Christmas so until then; I will continue to shop and look around until that day sneaks up on me and I'm running around the night before looking to buy tape and trying to wrap presents.

  One gift I like to get for my family each year is a game.  I have a big age range of kids in my house and I seek out games that are acceptable for everyone.  Depending on the game we break ourselves up into teams.  That makes any game acceptable.

  I'm currently checking out the Watch Ya' Mouth Throwdown edition game!

This game takes the original Watch Ya' Mouth game to another level.  Now not only are you struggling to win while wearing a mouthpiece you have additional tasks to complete.

Now that your excited you can pick yours up here!  Use the CODE: 15THROWDOWN for 15% off!

Are you ready for the challenge?  Have you played the original game?  Are games on your holiday shopping shopping list?

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