Monday, April 27, 2015

Family art time (Part 1)

I started making artist trading cards (atc's) last year.  I made cards and traded with adults.

You post your cards on various specific sites and others comment, critique,  like and trade.  You ask to trade card for cards and although you pick a card you like; sometimes when you have it in your hands you actually appreciate it even more.  You are able to feel the texture, see a sparkle and if it was a specifically asked for custom card you feel the love put in to it. I have a binder full of beautiful cards.
My children started to make some and trade but kids groups are few and far between so what's a momma to do but make her own.  My kids are thrilled as they make and trade with other kids. Kids from all over the world, different ages, boys and girls.  I am giving them the privilege to appreciate other children's talent.

We have all had penpals and they both still do but now they are able to express talents they have or find and experiment in areas they were not comfortable in as they make things they didn't know they could do. To hear my childs enthusiasm after they are pleased with having drawn something they thought they couldn't is my reward.
Most of my mom's are homeschool mom's which allows them to incorporate a lesson into it or not.  I even had a school art class trade a couple times in some events.  Some mom's are noting it as quality time with their children as they make their own cards along side.  I have had multiple notes of gratitude as their children are having fun!
This is where my happiness is.

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