Monday, April 25, 2022

Globetrotters Equal Smiles


  Globetrotters equal smiles and laughs for the whole family!   A nice Saturday afternoon relaxing in front of a live game was what we needed to start our weekend off right!

  The noise and excitement got you motivated but the silliness and antics of the players kept you focused.

  My kids have never been to a game and I'm glad I got them to one.  We do enjoy getting out on the weekends for some kind of fun and although they didn't actively participate sometimes it is ok to just sit back and enjoy.  

My kids kept their eyes on the game the whole time. The did get a bag of cotton candy but really, really enjoyed the game.     Grab the family and experience the Globetrotters 

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Go into the next week with this motto!

Thanks for following us on our adventures!

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