Saturday, December 10, 2016

Getting creative with chalk markers (review)

  Say hello to the new markers in town.  I have been eyeing these chalk markers for a while and got to try them out.

  Think of art.  Think of bright colors. Think of your art being enhanced to another level.  All of that can happen with these markers. You can make your statement with these marker!

  12 colors to include gold and silver have you covered for all your coloring needs.

 The marker also have a 2 tip option. 6mm point allowing for a thin outline or a thick shade.

The reversible tips are easy to pull out and flip over in order to change the tip out.

  To get started with the markers you need to push the tip down first, followed by shaking them then press tip down to fill with ink on surface.

  These markers perform best on nonporous areas.  It is suggested to test on small areas prior to using them.

  I used them on a chalkboard! Tried on the corner with a successful removal when I wiped it off.

This is the board after I wiped off the marker.

Everything came off but the gold lettering was a little harder to get off. You can still see traces of it after I scrubbed it off.  

You can also use it for special messages on your mirror!

Grab some velcro and leave a pen there for those times when grocery items pop in.

Overall I think the markers are great.  They are a fun item to use on anything and I really like the bright colors.  I can't wait till I get some blackboard labels and I will be labeling everything.

I received this product for a discount on exchange for my honest review and all opinions are my own. 

Pick up a pack or two for stocking stuffers here! Kids, adults and all aspiring adults will appreciate these.  


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